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Thomas A. Peltz, LMHC, LADC-1, CAS, CPE-1, M.Ed.

OFFICE: PO Box 2031, So. Hamilton, MA 01982

Call: (978) 927-6763

Services: Levels of Treatment Care

Thomas A PeltzImagine a flight of stairs leading from the first to the second floor of a house. This flight of stairs represents movement from the least restrictive level of care to the most restricted. Each step up represents a different clinical level of care.

In addiction treatment for example, the first step would be doing things for yourself such as controlling or stopping your own drinking. Thomas A PeltzSome people find they simply can not control their use, and thus need more help in the next step -- such as going to AA or to NA. Sometimes even more help is needed to sort out the chaos and problems resulting from using. Individual therapy in outpatient care is a higher step, and usually meets once per week. Beyond this, is a partial hospital program which meets daily for multiple hours per day, multiple days each week. An inpatient detoxification program might be needed for several days or even up to a week in a hospital, in order to stabilize medically due to the damage substance use can do. Some people require an even more structured level of care and enter into a residential treatment. Finally, some people need to live in a facility for a matter of many months, such as in a half way house or a sober house.

Based upon the clinical evaluation, I will make the referral to the appropriate level of care, with a proper placement recommendation. The level of care offered in my private practice consists usually of once per week, outpatient, one hour long therapy.